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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I store Mighties?

Mighties kept in the fridge will stay fresh for up to two weeks after purchase. If you don’t want them to ripen too quickly, keep them separate from other kinds of fruit.

How do I eat Mighties?

The most efficient way to enjoy our kiwi is to slice one in half and then scoop out the fruit. But you can also peel the kiwi by cutting it horizontally in slices, as ready-to-eat pieces or for use in a fruit salad, with your cereal, or anything else you want to make mightie.

Can I speed up the ripening process?

Mighties are usually always ready to eat. Although, at times, you may find some that are rather firm at purchase. To speed up the ripening process, put Mighties in a paper bag together with other ripe fruit such as bananas, apples, etc. Ripe fruit contains ethylene, a ripening hormone, which will quickly have an effect on the kiwifruit. Give it a try. It works wonders.

Can I eat the skin of Mighties?

Absolutely. If you want the entire awesome experience, you can eat all of your Mighties, including the skin. What’s more, the skin is extremely rich in fiber. If you’re not too keen on the fine hairs, simply brush them off before you take a bite. But as with apples, pears and any other fruit you eat unpeeled, make sure you rinse your kiwi first.

Where are Mighties grown?

Mighties are grown in California, Italy and Chile. Mighties season in California and Italy goes from November until May. Mighties season in Chile begins in May and goes through our summer until early September.

Are Mighties Non-GMO verified?

Yes, Mighties are Non-GMO verified by the Non-GMO Project. You can find the verification seal on our Mighties packaging.

Why are uncooked Mighties and milk products incompatible?

Mighties contain a special enzyme called actinidine, which splits and dissolves protein. If you add Mighties to products rich in protein, it begins to break the protein down. This explains why your Mighties milkshake starts to separate after long periods.

But actinidine is no weakness, it has benefits as well. Its powerful ability to break down protein makes it a great meat tenderizer. Not only that, but it also stimulates digestion.

Can you use Mighties in a milk product or with gelatin?

Of course. Just remember, if you use uncooked Mighties in a dish containing a milk product or gelatine, you need to eat that dish very soon after preparation. If you want to store the dish or serve later, you’ll want to cook Mighties prior to adding them to the dish.

Really? How does Mighties tenderize meat?

The enzyme actinidine is a power held only by kiwis. When placed in contact with a meat, it will naturally begin to breakdown its protein, tenderizing tough meat.

To do this, simply rub both sides of the meat with kiwifruit skin or slices of kiwifruit and leave for 20 minutes. By the time you return, the meat will become succulent and tender, ready for immediate frying, barbecuing or roasting.