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The world’s most delicious multi-vitamin.

Juice Bottles


Maintains fluid and electrolyte balance and also releases energy during exercise.

Fiber & Actinidin

Fiber and the natural enzyme actinidin work together to aid digestion. By avoiding constipation and breaking down protein, Mighties keep your system in balance.

Vitamin C

Powers up the immune system and even wards off the effects of aging and stress.

Vitamin E & K

Helps lower cholesterol, boosts the immune system and naturally thins blood to help prevent clots.

90 Calories Per Serving
230% Vitamin C Per Serving
16% Fiber Per Serving
Nutrition Information Nutrition Information

Non-GMO Project Verified

Mighties are not genetically modified and we have the official seal to prove it. So dig in with peace of mind.

Sizes Available

1 lb. Clamshell

2 lb. Clamshell

3 lb. Clamshell

4 lb. Clamshell