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Sun Pacific® Mighties® Drive Double-Digit Kiwi Category Growth

Sept. 22, 2016–Since Sun Pacific®, grower of Cuties®, launched Mighties® kiwi two years ago, the category has grown 12 percent every year.¹ Mighties’ success in growing the category has come largely through bringing in new kiwi purchasers, demonstrated by the fact that there has been little cannibalization of bulk kiwi sales, while Mighties sales have […]

Mighties – The Super Food

What’s so special about Mighties? Mighties kiwi is a low-calorie, nutrient-rich super food. While many fruits feature one or two nutrients in their profile, the kiwi offers a powerful and unique combination of health-promoting nutrients. Download the Mighties-PR-Outreach PDF to read even more about what makes Mighties so amazing.

U.S.: Sun Pacific to triple kiwifruit supply in three years

FRESHFRUITPORTAL.COM – OCTOBER 27th, 2014. California-based company Sun Pacific aims to mimic its success in Cuties easy peelers with a new kiwifruit brand called ‘Mighties’, offering pre-ripened fruit in clamshells complete with a spife for cutting and scooping. Mighties The new concept with a happy cartoon character takes the place of the company’s previous Ripe […]

Sun Pacific introduces Mighties kiwi

PRODUCENEWS.COM – OCTOBER 20th, 2014. Sun Pacific, grower of Cuties clementines, is introduced a new brand name for its nutritious kiwifruit at PMA’s Fresh Summit. As one of the largest kiwi growers in the United States, the company rebranded its Ripe & Easy kiwi as Mighties Kiwi, a new name developed to promote the little […]

Mighties brand kiwis join Sun Pacific’s Cuties

THEGROWER.COM – OCTOBER 19th, 2014. Cuties, the branded mandarins from Pasadena, Calif.-based Sun Pacific, have new friends in the produce department — Mighties brand kiwifruit. Much like Cuties packaging that features a smiling mandarin with a zipper, labels on Mighties clamshells include a grinning brown, fuzzy kiwi with hands and legs, and a cartoon-like appearance. […]