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Sun Pacific introduces Mighties kiwi


Sun Pacific, grower of Cuties clementines, is introduced a new brand name for its nutritious kiwifruit at PMA’s Fresh Summit. As one of the largest kiwi growers in the United States, the company rebranded its Ripe & Easy kiwi as Mighties Kiwi, a new name developed to promote the little fruit’s powerful nutritious profile and delicious taste.

“Kiwi is a well-kept secret both in terms of how nutrient-packed it is and how easy it can be to eat,” Victoria Nuevo-Celeste, vice president of marketing at Sun Pacific, said in a press release. “Consumers tend to think of kiwi as an exotic fruit that they are not quite sure how to prepare and enjoy. The new name makes kiwi more approachable by encouraging people to ‘Be Mightie’ and try this surprising, ready-to-eat, little super food.”

Sun Pacific is making Mighties available to major retailers in one- and two-pound clamshells, and larger three- and four-pound clamshells for club and warehouse stores. New packaging will feature a Mighties kiwi character and information on nutrition. Select packages will contain a “spife,” a combination spoon and knife that allows consumers of all ages to easily slice, scoop and eat kiwi.

Berne Evans, owner of Sun Pacific and produce pioneer, initiated the process of ripening kiwi in cold storage, so Mighties are ready to eat as soon as they arrive in stores.

The new Mighties brand builds on the trusted Ripe & Easy kiwi name used by Sun Pacific over the past few years, and draws on Sun Pacific’s successful marketing of its Cuties clementines. The addition of Mighties to Sun Pacific’s portfolio is proof of its ongoing commitment to marketing fun, healthy snack options for today’s health-conscious parents.

One serving of kiwi is truly “Mightie” when it comes to nutrition, offering more vitamin C than an orange; more potassium than a banana; more vitamin E and K than a serving of avocado; more fiber than a bowl of cereal; and natural fiber and actinidin, nutrients that aid in digestion and intestinal health.